Cost of Veneers in Mexico & Other Dental Tourism FAQs

The cost of veneers in Mexico has become a frequently brought-up topic in the dental tourism community because this country’s dentistry sector has grown massively. Because of its proximity to North America, many medical tourists are now crossing its border to revamp their smile. That’s why we’re detailing the costs and quality of veneers in this article!

Also, we’ll tackle a few other common question to help you decide if you should follow other dental patients south of the border.

Intro to Medical Tourism in Mexico

Medical tourism in Mexico has grown exponentially over the last decade. In fact, millions of Canadians and Americans  have streamed to the Central American nation every year in search of cheaper, quality healthcare.

As a result, Mexican health specialists have gained international acclaim in their respective specialties. That’s boosted medical tourists’ confidence in the country’s health sector. Their hospitals have also been investing heavily in modern technologies, giving them an edge over many hospitals in North and South America.


  • Price
  • Convenience
  • Quality


  • Language barrier
  • Climate

Mexico for Veneers

Dental work is one of the top medical procedures attracting medical tourists to Mexico. One main reason is that Mexico approves new dental procedures quicker than the U.S. Because of this, Mexican dentists get more time to familiarize themselves with the procedures and gain expertise quicker than their American counterparts.

Coupled with the fact that Mexico is easily accessible from North America, the medical tourism in the country has grown exponentially.

Problems with Veneers in Mexico

The cost of veneers in Mexico and the affordability of other treatments have fueled dental tourism to the coutry. However, the industry had its share of hindrances.

To begin with, the dominant language in nearly all Mexican hospitals is Spanish, but most of the medical tourists are English speakers. With attention to this problem, some private medical facilities in the country have been hiring English-speaking staff to handle their foreign patients.

The second major hindrance is the hot climate, which gets even more extreme during summer. To address this problem, some hospitals have been providing foreign patients with clean bottled water as a way of encouraging them to travel south all-year round.

Lastly, the extra expense and hassle of exchanging currencies had, for a long time, discouraged Americans from crossing the Mexican border. But, with the widespread acceptance of credit cards across Mexico,  this is becoming a non-issue.

Quality of Veneers in Mexico

Cosmetic dentistry is among the most prominent medical procedures for dental tourists. But don’t let the cost of veneers in Mexico make you doubt their quality.

Besides being cheap and extremely convenient, dental clinics in Mexico offer top-quality services on par with those found in the U.S. and Europe. Both Mexican and American clinics use primarily porcelain or composite resin for veneers. Both materials are stain-resistant, durable, and 100% comfortable.

Furthermore, many private hospitals in Mexico have invested in world-class dental labs and highly experienced dental lab technicians. That means two things. First, the veneers always have the most natural color shading and, second, they have the translucency of a natural tooth.

Because medical tourists do not have the luxury of popping in and out of their dentist’s office, cosmetic dentists in Mexico ensure that their veneers are sturdy enough to withstand a patient’s lifestyle.

To this end, they consider factors. These include: age, teeth-grinding tendencies, and the extent to which the patient exposes their teeth to harm.

For example, if you are a senior citizen or active in sports, your veneers will be studier than those of a young teacher.

In some extreme cases, such as for boxers, Mexican dentists will advise using dental crowns and not veneers. This is because the latter are unlikely to endure such significant punishment. The bottom line is that cosmetic dentists in Mexico prioritize quality of service over earning potential.

veneers in mexico

Cosmetic dentists in Mexico, like other qualified professionals around the world, avoid giving veneers to patients with dysfunctional bites.


These patients are missing several biting molars and that exposes new veneers to excessive grinding. This happens when the patient tries to exert their natural biting force during meals. The more they grind them, the faster the veneers wear off and the more often the patients visit their dentist for replacements.

If you visit a Mexican dental clinic with a dysfunctional bite, the dentist will start by getting a qualified prosthodontist. He will balance your bite, harmonize your gums’ architecture, and perfect the shape your smile. When that is done and the veneers are in place, you can rest assured that the veneers will not come off for a long time. Note that a prosthodontist will cost more.

Cost of Veneers in Mexico with Examples

The cost of veneers in Mexico vary depending on multiple factors. Three of the most crucial are the experience and reputation of the dentist, the quality of the veneers, and dental technology in a clinic. You can get veneers from as low as $300. If you opt for upscale clinics, the maximum cost is about $700. These prices are almost 80% cheaper than the prices in American dental clinics. Read on for more details about clinics in each price category.

Low-cost of veneers in Mexico

The least you can pay for porcelain veneers in Mexico is around $300 during off-peak seasons and around $320 in the peak season. Some of the reputable Mexican dental clinics that charge within this range include:

  • Dentalia Playa del Carmen:

This hospital is located in Playa del Carmen, Quinta Avenida, Mexico. It’s a state-of-the-art facility that uses FDA-approved equipment. What’s more, most of the staff at Dentalia Playa del Carmen are bilingual. You can get a veneer here for only $320.

  • Dentalia Cumbres Cancún:

This facility boasts more than ten reputable dentists, most of whom can speak fluent English. Their innovativeness within the field of cosmetic dentistry is unmatched in Cancun. You can get a top-notch veneer at dentalia Cumbres Cancun for about $320.

  • Dentalia Tijuana Hipodromo:

Based in the heart of Tijuana, Mexico, the Dentalia Tijuana Hipodromo ranks among the most popular Mexican clinics amongst Canadian and American medical tourists. Most of the staff members have Master’s degrees and several decades of experience. You can get a veneer for about $300.

  • Ramlanz Guadalajara:

The Ramlanz Guandalajara dental clinic is one of the best in Guadalajara city, and they accept international credit cards. You can get a veneer here for about $300-$320.

Mid-range cost of veneers in Mexico

The prices in the following clinics range from $380 to $450:

  • My Dental Brush Tijuana:

Veneers at My Dental Brush Tijuana are custom-made in a modern lab. The clinic is located in Tijuana, Mexico, and charges around $380 to $400 for a veneer.

  • The Circle Dental Group:

Based in Los Algodones, B.C., Mexico, this facility is easily accessible to medical tourists from the U.S. The Circle Dental Group has been operating for over 15 years now, a testimony to its excellent reputation. You can visit this clinic any day of the week and pay about $400 for a veneer.

  • Cancun Dental Specialists:

This clinic is open from Monday through Sunday and charges $400 to $420 for dental veneers. The staff members are bilingual and some are American Dental Association (ADA) members. Cancun Dental Specialists have specialized lab technicians operating the complex laboratory.

  • 757 Dental Solutions:

Located in El Bravo Reynosa, Mexico,  757 Dental Solutions clinic is easily accessible and offers medical tourists convenient access to hotel accommodation. You will pay about $400 to $500 for dental veneers.

High-end clinics for veneers in Mexico

These prices range from $500 to $700. Some of the highly reputable clinics operating within this range include:

  • Perio-Implant Clinic, Monterrey. This hospital charges about $600.
  • DentalTek, Monterrey. This hospital charges about $550.
  • Vida Dental Studio, Tijuana. This hospital charges about $520.
  • Advanced Smile Dentistry, Tijuana. You will pay about $550 for dental veneers.

Other FAQs

This is a good question and a common question among hesitant medical tourists. The truth is that there are a few quacks in Mexico’s dentistry industry just like anywhere else in the world, but they are very few compared to the highly qualified, legitimate dentists.

Some of the dentists in Mexico are certified by the ADA (American Dental Association). The best thing to do before entrusting a dentist with your smile is to research their reputation and experience.

With a large number of medical tourists streaming into Mexico every year, some even opting to extend their stay after treatment, you shouldn’t be surprised when you find more tourists than locals in a dental clinic.

The country is safe and the locals are friendly. Don’t be afraid to go deep in the heart of Mexico in search of veneers.

Mexican dental clinics are almost 80% cheaper than the ones in the U.S. Considering you can get a similar quality of service both countries, the answer is obvious. 

The cost of veneers in Mexico makes this treatment a popular choice for patients looking to make a smart financial decision.