Elizabeth Ziemba

EAZ With a diverse background in public health, law and business, Elizabeth brings a unique set of skills and experience to consulting, as well as being President of Medical Tourism Training, Inc. and US Health Care Training.

Ms. Ziemba designs, develops, and delivers on-site and on-line training solutions primarily focused on improving the patient experience and organizational development challenges for US and international health sectors.  From off-the-shelf to custom designed programs, Elizabeth brings know-how and specialized tools for education and skills development to an array of audiences in health care services.

Ms. Ziemba has experience in the both the public and private health care sectors conducting research, business analysis, and formulating and implementing results-oriented, practical solutions.  Clients have included the World Health Organization, private and public hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, hotels, governmental and nongovernmental organizations and associations.  She has worked in Switzerland, Costa Rica, Korea, and the United States.

Elizabeth’s work in the international health travel sector began in 2005, assisting with a feasibility study for developing a continuing care retirement community for ex-pats in Costa Rica.  From that launching point, she has provided consulting services focused on the types of infrastructure and services needed to be competitive in the international health travel sector.  Her research projects, such as “Taking Off to Take it Off”, uncovered the need for training programs and led her to found Medical Tourism Training, a training solutions company.

Ms. Ziemba is a talented writer who has co-written with Irving Stackpole the first book of its kind entitled “Medical Tourism Marketing”.  Articles have appeared in numerous magazines and e-publications including IMTJ, HealthbizIndia, Provider, Care Management Matters, and others.  She regularly writes a newsletter available on the Medical Tourism Training web site.  Her original research has been presented at the conferences hosted by the Center for Medical Tourism Research, European Medical Travel Conference, KIMS Hospital Conference on Medical Tourism to Kerala, and the American Public Health Association National Conference.

Beginning her professional career in 1980, Elizabeth graduated from Suffolk University Law School in Boston, Massachusetts and went into private law practice specializing in immigration law. During the nursing shortage of the 1980′s, Elizabeth created an international recruitment company and traveled extensively outside the United States, looking for talented medical personnel to fill vacant positions stateside. In addition to her legal expertise, Elizabeth gained an in-depth knowledge of issues relating to the recruitment and retention of medical personnel as well as a solid understanding of the operations of healthcare systems outside the US.

In 2000, Ms. Ziemba returned to graduate school and was awarded a Master of Science degree In International Public Health from the Boston University School of Public Health.  Her public health work focuses on access to medicines issues and public-private partnerships.

Combining public health, law, and business with strong analytical and writing talents, Elizabeth brings a unique point of view to her clients which results in creative approaches to problem solving, knowledge and skills acquisition. and project development.

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  1. Elizabeth, Are you Polish? We are currently running Polish Program Promotion for Medical Tourism sponsored and co finnanced by Polish Ministry of Economy…Let me know if you can help us to look for partners in USA …We will be organizing trade mission in November to US, see more on our website http://www.polandmedicaltourism.com
    best regards