Ilan Geva speaking in Portugal

Medical Travel Insight founder and team member, Ilan Geva, recently addressed a distinguished audience in Porto, Portugal about building a medical tourism brand for the country.  Listen to his presentation by clicking on this link:

The English translation of the introduction is as follows:

Panel discussion – Ilan Geva
Integrated in the implementation of its Strategic Development Plan, the ESTSP.IPP joined the Forum Portucalense, the promoter of this expert visit to Portugal, and received in the 1st of July, the American professor Ilan Geva, professor at the University of Chicago and De Paul, organizing a Panel Discussion on Health Tourism and the need / potential inherent in the creation of the brand “Portugal” to facilitate the international recognition of our country in this important area for future positioning and Portuguese economic development.
Internationally recognized as one of the biggest “gurus” in this area was an open and friendly that Prof.. Ilan Geva shared his vast experience and answered questions posed by the care, almost entirely made ​​up of teachers ESTSP.IPP interested in this subject.

Having been another step in this direction ESTSP.IPP Tourism Health and Wellness, the year should further actions at various levels to occur as early as next school year.


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