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Medical Travel Insight offers a comprehensive selection of consulting services for your international healthcare and medical tourism business or organization.  With our extensive networks, it is easy to assemble just the right team for your project.  Medical Travel Insight (MTI) provides the right services with the right team at the right time for price that is right for you.


How do you know what your customers want?  Our marketing team can answer this pivotal question and many more to position your organization for success.  Marketing services include:

  • Market research and feasibility studies
  • Marketing strategy & marketing plan development
  • Marketing organization development
  • Focus groups & consumer market research
  • Marketing audits & mystery shopper
  • Competitive analysis, pricing
  • Customer satisfaction measurement
  • Attitude & opinion surveys
  • Sales training, organization & management
  • Direct marketing, telemarketing


Defining and understanding your brand identity – the unique essence of your product or service – is essential before engaging in any marketing, promotion or advertising. Working closely with the CEO and management team, our brand experts formulate and refine your organization’s vision, values and positioning so that it can be communicated to the world. Branding services include:

  • Brand development & positioning for destinations, providers
  • Brand audit of all brand touch points in your destination, facilities and services
  • Focus groups & consumer market research
  • Familiarity trips for decision makers
  • Attitude & opinion surveys


Healthcare consumers demand great service, great medical care and great experiences.  Is your organization ready to meet their expectations?  Our team of trainers and educators are experienced in healthcare and international medical travel, offering their knowledge and skills to help your organization succeed.  Training services include:

  • On-line and on-site courses
  • Blended learning options (on-site, on-line, virtual)
  • Workshop, seminars, and presentations
  • Topics to improve the quality of services
  • Team or one-on-one coaching

Web Solutions

A well-designed web-site is only the first step in building a presence in the international travel market.  With our extensive team of Internet and communication experts, your organization can reach the clients it wants and turn them into paying customers.  Our web-based solutions include:

  • Web site design, development and implementation
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Internet based market research
  • Internet marketing communications & advertising campaigns
  • Public relations campaigns


And more!

Let us assemble the team of international health professionals for you to launch new initiatives and programs as well as improve and strengthen your existing international healthcare and medical tourism business.

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